February 27, 2013

Node.js Centos 6.3 RPM Spec

I’m trying my best to keep a spec file for node.js updated on github whenever there’s a new stable release since there’s no ‘simple’ way to install it in CentOS.

I haven’t used node.js much at all, but it’s very interesting from what I’ve seen and some of my favourite developers are singing it’s praises.  If you’re interested in it, take a look at the spec file on my very meager github page – I didn’t write it, but when I found it it was several versions behind so I updated it and have taken it upon myself to keep it up to date with each stable release. As of this posting it’s at version 0.8.21


This is also my first post in around 3 years, in that time I’ve gone from an inside sales representative at an industrial supply company with a passion for technology to a System Administrator working in the clinical research field specializing in Linux and virtualization – yay me!

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  1. March 15, 2013
    Edi said...

    Congrats! And thanks.

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