March 29, 2009


I am Jordan, and this is my corner of the internet.


This is something that started mainly for the novelty of having an email address that was my name.  It’s also an experiment in learning more about web design and publishing (as much as that can be accomplished by using wordpress, at least.)

I read alot of tech and productivity blogs, many of them suggest having your own as the spearhead of your “online presence” whatever that’s supposed to mean.  It’s probably something that’s more important for people who are writers, developers or designers, but hey there’s nothing that says that Mr. Inside Sales can’t have a great online presence too!

I’m a kind of jack of all trades but master of none.  I have an attention span that gets an idea and intently focuses on it for some time, then lets it fade away while I get interested in something else.  I hope this site lasts longer than that.  This does however lead me to have a pretty good preliminary understanding of alot of different things.  I’ve tried my hand at everthing from designing and casting silver jewlery to building midieval siege weapons to microcontroller programming.

As my attentions wander from one thing to another I’ll try and keep a build log of whatever I’m doing and document it here for the enjoyment of the denizens of the Internet wide and far.  (Something made me think that Netzians is a word to describe that, but even if it is valid Internet parlance, I think it’s a dumb word.)

If somehow you ended up here without actually knowing me, feel free to email me with your questions about anything  I’ll do my best to answer it in a humorous and insightful way.  If you do know me and want to e-mail me a question, the answer is probably “I’m not sure why I made this site, probably be cause I was kind of bored…”



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